Mirrors (tentative title)
This isn’t where I wanted to be.
      As she snaps back to her senses for the third time tonight, she have been spacing out while trying to meet deadlines for her paper. Again.
      “I cram too much” she mumbled. 
      No one could hear her of course for she is alone; the only thing that is accompanying her are the few dolls she have, her laptop and those eerie sculptures that her auntie said would bring “good luck”. Besides, it is already late night.
      As the laptop displayed the time she wonders out loud, it has already been a little more than 14 hours since her last meal with M͏͢i̛҉̛́̕c̛͝h̸̢ȩ̢͠l͡҉͟ĺ̨̀͜͡ę҉͏ and K̸̴̨͞r̸̡͢͞i̢͘s͏̧͏̀̕t̨͟ơ̢͟͝p͏͞͏̴̀h̀͡. Nothing too extravagant, just those salt eggs and cucumber she loves so much while they eat like there’s no tomorrow.
      It is almost as if instincts when she stood up and got her dark blue jacket and black wallet so swiftly like a surprised kitten; the keys, however, are missing. Keys, something she should never forget-
      “Or get locked out side and sleep on that rocking chair” like that one back at home
      It’s already been five years since she left that house, the place she used to call home. All it took was a little over reaction and misunderstanding and a whole lot of impulsiveness to get into the current situation. Thinking back, the ones she solely missed is her sisters. Her stubborn, nosy, loving, innocent elder sister; her cute younger sister probably the most talented and smart between the three of them.
      She smiles as the thought runs through.
      It is a short way down from the attic to the front door, she quickly regains her thought. Fourth time.
      It is a cool chilly night, drizzling. As the rain drops on her cheek, the wind blows; her shoulder length hair black as night, dances around her. As she walks through the cold cement, she combs her hair placing it behind her ears. Should’ve brought my hair band.
      It is not something that irritates her though. She enjoys the nightly walks and this is the kind of weather she loves. She’d never get tired of this routine.
*Creek-creek creek-creek*
      Crickets. She has already reached the “green area” without her noticing. A rush of nostalgia and melancholy even if she never lived in the rural areas, she closes her eyes.
      As if someone was playing music with her heart, she feels strings plucking; heavy beats as blood rushed in her head and chest. She spread open her arms and danced, simply swirling around like a lone princess in a ballroom. Not bad, not bad at all.


Follow me, follow you!

Also, been doing some writing lately, hopefully I can have something presentable before the end of the month. :D

Writer's Block: a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma
What message would you put into a fortune cookie?

It's not how fast you get there, but how you got there.

Writer's Block: More than words
Which song lyrics send shivers down your spine and really hit you emotionally?

Wow... Where do I begin? :)
It's a long list but if I have to choose...

Every bone's been broken
But my heart is still wide open

I can't stop don't care if I lose
Baby, you are the weapon I choose
These wounds are self inflicted

I'm going down in flames for you
Baby you are the weapon I choose
These wounds are self inflicted

Katy Perry- Self Inflicted


A year goes by
And I can't talk about it
The times were right
But I couldn't take about it

The times weren't right
And I couldn't talk about it
The times were right
But I couldn't talk about it

Flyleaf- So I Thought

Well, love is the painful pain killer. I don't mind. 
Long live the un-reciprocated movement! Love for we love, not because of anything else!

Writer's Block: Wait, that's not how it happened
How do you feel when an adapted film's story deviates from the original material?

In general, I take changes as a breather; I wouldn't mind if the story deviates as long as it is just as interesting or more interesting.
But if it doesn't make the story any better, rage all the way.

 So I decided that last one (avvenire-421) doesn't suite my taste so, I made another one!

Anyway, ignore that one! X]


I've been doing some writing at this point but it is currently in madman modus, hopefully I can get a plot going.
Anyway, back to reading!



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